Technical Consulting

Elevate your embedded product design journey with our comprehensive technical consulting services. At every stage of development, from the initial concept to the deployment and ongoing lifecycle management of your product, we provide comprehensive expertise and support. We offer expert guidance in system architecture, hardware design, firmware development, testing, compliance, and more. We guide you through the intricate process of selecting microcontrollers and processors, ensuring that your product aligns with the most suitable technologies.

Rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols guarantee the reliability and optimal performance of both hardware and software components. Our experienced team ensures innovation, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Our commitment extends to prototype development, manufacturability optimization, and robust security implementation, safeguarding your embedded system against potential vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive documentation, covering hardware schematics, firmware source code, and user manuals, ensures clarity and ease of future reference. Choose our services to unlock the full potential of your ideas, from concept to ongoing support, ensuring the sustained success of your embedded products through innovation, reliability, and compliance. Partner with us to transform your ideas into successful embedded products.

Corporate Training

Being an engineering, research and development services company, Zilogic is always hunting to explore new technologies. We believe in sharing knowledge and helping people to stay abreast with cutting-edge technologies in the embedded domain. We do that with public workshops and customized training for corporates.

We design and deliver courses for working engineers to educate key concepts and skills essential for the embedded product development life cycle that caters to platform engineering, firmware and application development, testing, integration and test automation. All topics are designed with a mix of theory, and lab sessions to provide hands-on experience.

Public Workshops

We do public workshops, at various locations, on a regular basis. If you would like to be notified about our public workshops, please join our meetup group at You will be notified when an pubic workshop is scheduled.

Community Events

We conduct free meetups, coding dojos, lightning talks, on Linux and Embedded Systems. Through these events we hope to share knowledge with the community, and learn from the community as well. If you would like to participate in these events please join our meetup group at You will be notified when an event is scheduled.

Our trainers also actively participate and contribute to meetups organized by the Chennai Python User Group (Chennaipy) and Indian Linux User Group (ILUGC).