Platform Solutions

Our solutions are pre-built hardware and software frameworks, that can be customized to your requirements, and needs. These frameworks can help reduce development time and cost, and decrease time to market.

ZCom - IoT Gateway

ZCom is our IoT gateway solution, that interacts with wired and wireless sensors. The gateway forwards the data through various cloud services over HTTP. In case of non-availability of Internet connectivity the data is stored in local storage and then forwarded once Internet connectivity becomes available.

ZKit - Generic Embedded Platforms

ZKit are series of generic embedded platforms that can be used as a starting point for building embedded application. We cover the whole spectrum of embedded systems right from deeply embedded systems, all the way upto to GPOS based embedded systems.
  • ZKit-ARM-1343
    • Deeply embedded firmware applications
  • ZKit-ARM-1769
    • RTOS based embedded applications
  • ZKit-ARM-VF51
    • Linux based embedded application

Parrot - Embedded Test Automation Framework

Parrot, is a complete suite of hardware and software components that simplifies the automation and testing of embedded products. The challenge with testing embedded software lies, in the interfaces that a embedded software interacts with.
These interfaces needs to be emulated using combination of hardware and software components, to exercise the system-under-test through various scenarios and to capture the result. Leverage on our hardware, firmware and system software development skills, we have put together an array of components that can help test embedded systems.

About Us

Zilogic Systems is a product-realization company specializing in embedded technologies. We cater to IoT, Automotive and Wireless industries. We are a single source for hardware, firmware, system software, application software and test automation engineering expertise.

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