Test Automation Tools

Our test automation tools are pre-built hardware modules that can be used to automate your embedded product testing. These modules can help reduce development time and cost, and decrease time to market.

ZUS Dual - USB Switch

ZUS Dual (pronounced zuse dual), is a programmable, stackable 8-port USB 2.0 switch, which allows to switch two USB host connections to multiple USB devices. It connects to PC through USB serial for the control interface.

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ZUS 8-Port Relay

ZUS Relay is a host controllable device that receive the input via serial command, process the command and control the relay through GPIO pins.

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ZUSB-CAN is an open source Controller Area Network (CAN) to USB interface for your computer. ZUSB-CAN device is a single channel USB CAN interface Can be used to connect to CAN bus systems, including cars, heavy duty vehicles, and industrial automation systems. ZUSB-CAN works on Linux, OS X, and Windows. With a ZUSB-CAN and an OBD-II to DB9 cable, it is very easy to get onto the OBD-II CAN bus of any CAN enabled vehicle.

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