Engineering Services

Zilogic offers end-to-end Product engineering services which converts customer’s ideas/concept to creative/innovative product. Zilogic draws its strength from a highly skilled team of hardware and software professionals, with experience in the design and development of embedded systems. We have expertise in offering solutions in the field of embedded and networking systems. Our expert design and development services will significantly improve the quality of the end product. Our services cover industries like Automotive, Semiconductor, Transport, Industrial and Telecommunication Applications.

Zilogic through its product development expertise and continuous technology exploration, had accrued cognizance on the product requirements for the future. We develop ready-to-build platforms with most expected features and enrich our technical expertise, With this platform engineering expertise we can provide consulting and design services on the embedded system development to our clients.


Firmware & RTOS Services

  • Low Latency Drivers
  • Resource Constraint App
  • Software Integration
  • Flashing and Testing Tools
  • Sensor and Field Emulators
MBed, Nuttx, Zephyr, Freertos and baremetal.

Operating System Services

  • Board Support Packages
  • Hardening for performance,
  • Stability and security
  • Automated Build & Integration
  • Automated Tests & Deployment
Yocto, Openwrt, Buildroot and AOSP.

Device Driver Development

  • Developing Peripheral Drivers
  • Improving Controller Driver
  • Adapting Bus Driver Models
  • Character or SysFS Adaptation
Linux and DTS

Application Development

  • Posix based System Software
  • Multi threaded Application
  • Reactive and Event Driven Apps
  • Userspace Device drivers and HALs
C, C++, Python

Software Upgrade

  • Secured Download
  • Fail safe Active / Slave
  • Remote Controlled
  • System / Package Update
  • Delta Packages
USB Reflashing, Network and Over-The-Air.

Remote Connectivity

  • Protocol Integration
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Remote Device Management
  • Cloud Integration
  • Secured connectivity


Our Key Differentiators

  • Single source for both Software and Hardware expertise

  • Renowned for advocating FOSS in embedded systems for more than a decade.

  • Focused in Product Engineering with a team strength of 250+.

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