M2M Solutions - BlackKite

BlackKite is a family of remote asset monitoring devices, with integrated GPRS, which is compact, affordable and cloud connected. The abundant number of digital and analog inputs enables the users to connect multiple sensors to collect and analyze asset usage information. The digital outputs allow the user to control the asset on demand.

Design Highlights


  • Built-in antennas.

  • SMS alerts on device disconnection.

  • No external power button and reset button.

  • No external SIM slot access.


  • Wider power supply, with surge protection.

  • Wear-leveled internal Flash data storage.

  • Watchdog to recover from transient field issues.

  • Autorecovery from transient SIM and GPRS issues.

DescriptionUnit Price *
Code: BK-FLT-P1 Available!
Code: BK-FPRO-P1 Available on request!
Code: BK-RTU-P1 Available on request!

Embedded Solutions

Zilogic Systems is currently offering development kits suitable for students, hobbyists and product developers. An 8051 microcontroller development kits, ARM microcontroller development kits and add-on cards are currently available for sale. Please watch our website for product updates.

DescriptionUnit Price *
Code: ZK-1769-P1-R1B
ZKit-ARM-1769 Motherboard
Rs 5680.00 Available!
Code: ZK-1343-P2-R1B
ZKit-ARM-1343 Motherboard
Rs 2540.00 Available!
Code: ZIO-R1A
ZIO Motherboard
Rs 3880.00 Available!
Code: ZK-V664-P1-R1C
ZKit-51-V664 Motherboard
Rs 4210.00 End of Life
Code: ZK-V51RD2-P1-R1A
ZKit-51-RD2 Motherboard
Rs 2010.00 Available!
Code: ZA-DCM12V-P1-R1A
DC Motor Board
Rs 920.00 Available!
Code: ZA-STM12V-P1-R1B
Stepper Motor Board
Rs 1060.00 Available!
Code: ZA-7SEG8B-P1-R1A
Seven Segment Board
Rs 510.00 Available!
Code: ZA-RLY4x12V-P1-R1B
Relay Board
Rs 830.00 Available!
Temperature Sensor Board
Rs 580.00 Available!
Code: AX0301A
ZKit-51 Analog I/O Board
Rs 630.00 End of Life
Code: AX0401A
ZKit-51 RS232 Transceiver
Rs 210.00 End of Life
USB ZigBee Adapter
Rs 810.00 Available!
ZigBee Board
Rs 490.00 Available!
Audio Board
Rs 1250.00 Available!

* Prices are exclusive of tax.

* Prices are inclusive of 1 year warranty.


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