The layout uses YAML CSS framework. A well documented Multi-column layout for flexible responsive website design using CSS. More about YAML CSS Framework here. The template that renders the website is a custom theme based on YAML CSS.

Articles & pages

The articles and pages are generated from asciidoc text documents. A simple way of expressing, no markup tags or syntax knowledge involved. Know more about asciidoc here. The icons are rendered from Font Awesome Icons. The slideshow in the index page is based on FractionSlider, a quick and easy content slider.


The website is rendered by Pelican, a static website generator and publisher. To know more about Pelican. The articles are parsed by the pelican-plugin, asciidoc reader.


The template for the website is designed using Jinja template designer. A versatile templating engine that reduces the burden of writing html content. Know more on Jinja here.


The website was developed using Emacs, the One True Program (OTP for short).

We would like to thank all these wonderful tools and the developers for releasing the tools in free license.