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    ZKit-51 Analog I/O Board

    The ZKit-51 Analog I/O Board provides A-to-D and D-to-A capabilities to the main board. The board is based on NXP PCF8591 8-bit A/D and D/A converter, with four analog inputs, one analog output and a serial I2C interface.


    The ZKit-51 Analog I/O Board offers the ...

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    ZKit-51 RS232 Transceiver

    The RS232 Transceiver provides RS232 level conversion, and allows ZKit-51 to connect directly to RS232 port of other devices.


    The ZKit-51 Transceiver offers the following features

    • TTL-RS232 Transceiver

    • D-type 9 pin female connector

    • Powered from motherboard

    • Compact board, accomodated within the D-shell of the connector

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